8 Benefits of a Tonneau Cover

Are you driving a big ute bucket on wheels and wondering if it needs a lid? Do you need a tonneau cover to protect your equipment from the Aussie elements, or from curious criminals. Maybe you’re concerned about ute fuel efficiency?

When your ute works as hard as you do, Monday to Sunday, work and adventures, you need ute accessories that last the distance. Tonneau covers that can be opened and closed thousands of times, in rain, hail, dust or dirt.

Soft Tonneau Covers have been around since the very first vehicles, protecting the vehicle interiors from the elements. Today, ute covers of all types can make a big difference your vehicle performance and your daily duties. Here are our top 8 reasons to buy a tonneau cover.

1. Tonneau Covers will improve fuel efficiency

Your ute is made to work, generally not to save the environment, but there’s no doubt using less fuel will keep more money in your pocket for the weekend, and more time on your hands with fewer stops at the petrol station.

Installing a tonneau cover reduces air disturbance and creates a smooth path for the air to follow. The reduced drag means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard. One particular study by the U.S Specialty Equipment Market Association found installing a Tonneau Cover improved average coefficient of drag by 5.73%. According to Aerodynamicists, this equates to a 1.8% improvement in fuel efficiency.

The 2020 ABS census reported light commercial vehicles travelled on average 15,300 km per year (citation) Using the reported fuel economy of an unloaded 2021 Ford Ranger of 8L/100km, with an average diesel price of $2.17. You would stand to pocket and extra $49 per year.

2. Keep things out

Australia is a hard environment which seems to be getting harsher. Blistering sun, drenching rains and dusty roads. Where a tonneau cover excels is keeping it all out of your tray and off your equipment. When you select the right ute cover, you ensure your goods are kept high, dry and clean for years to come.

3. Keeping things in

No point having a big bucket on wheels without putting anything in it. Whether you’re carrying tools, cartons, mulch or… buckets in your ute, you want to ensure it’s all still there at the end of your journey. Whilst tonneau covers are generally not load rated, they do provide essential load securement for most goods. Take on the potholes and wind confidently knowing your tonneau keep your stuff in place.

If you opt for a clip on tonneau cover, you’ll get access to a feature that enables you to carry oversized objects and still secure the tonneau cover with adjustable straps.

4. Reduce theft

Humans are hard wired to take the path of least resistance, and criminals are a great example of taking the easy road. By installing a tonneau cover, you’re making it a little harder for them to get into your goods by keeping it out of sight, and slowing them down. No, you can’t lock a soft tonneau cover, but it’s a solution that will slow a thief down and potentially make a sound that will alert someone.

5. Improve looks

Maybe it’s subjective, but for the same reason hats are a fashion piece, so is a tonneau cover. They’re sleek, and if you’re ute works hard, keeps eye’s off the banged up internals of your tub.

6. Reduce noise

Anytime air has to go under, over or through something. It creates noise. If you’ve ever installed roof racks you’ll know the immediate sound they create that increases with speed. Without a tonneau cover, air will pass into your tub, go around every item, then have to find a way out either through the tailgate or over it. Each one of the these interactions will cause noise, which will increase at speed. Not only that, it will cause loose goods to move and flap, which is another enjoyable sounds for your ears…

7. Use it as a tent

Utes are the #1 choice of for weekend adventures. They’re durable, versatile and if you’re in anything after approximately 2015, very comfortable. So get creative with your accomodation or out of trouble in an emergency with high and dry cover in the comfort of your ute tray.

8. A spot to enjoy knock offs

Maybe we decided on 8 reasons before we had all of them, or maybe we like a cold beer at the end of the day. Either way, installing a tonneau cover creates a perfect table top to enjoy a beer and feed at the end of a long day with your ute, mates or family (maybe your ute is all of them).

When you're ready to get a tonneau for your ute, check out the range here

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