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Ultimate Bungee Loops for all conditions

Durable and reliable, these Bungee loops will perform for years in Aussie Conditions. Whether your replacing loops on your tonneau cover, boat cover, installing blinds, awnings and more, these bungee loops will do the job.

Is it Bunji, Bungee or Tonneau loops?

They go by many names: tonneau loops, bungee loops or bunji loops. Even ute cover clips. They all mean the same thing. They are a plastic body which is moulded over nylon stretch cord. 

How do bungee cords work?

You will attach the head of the loop to the surface you want held in place. It could be a tonneau cover, lid, canvas. This is the material you want to pull down. You will then have a tonneau button, lashing hook or other fixing point on the surface you want to pull down to. You then simply hook and un-hook the bungee loop as required.

How to install bungee loops

Installing bunji loops depends on the use, for a tonneau cover you will use a punch tool to secure a rivet/eyelet to the canvas or vinyl. For something like an esky, where it's two hard surfaces, you can use a screw or similar fixing. 

How to select bungee loops

You will need to determine the loop length. This is measured from the middle of the fixing hole to the top of the loop when pinched together. Loops have around 10-15% stretch in them. Match your existing loops, or if they're stretched or a new install, measure from the two fixing points.