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The HSP premium range of ute hard lids are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology and innovation in Australia. Unlike other hard lids on the market, HSP Ute Lids have a specific shape custom designed to enhance your vehicle, with plenty of features to improve your day. 

The hard lids are made from durable fibreglass so you know they'll last. They're completely water proof using twin seals and a unique design that ensures water flow straight off.

Installing a hard lid doesn't have to be permanent as well. One of the great features of the HSP Hard lids is the fact they can be removed in under 60 seconds using the quick release pins. This means you can quickly carry oversize loads without using any tools. 

Our range includes two versions of the HSP Hard Lid. First is the premium lid which is a hard tonneau cover designed with dimensional, aerodynamic styling and premium features. The HSP Premium Ute Lid is the most impressive ute cover on the road today.

The second option is the HSP SilverBack Range of hard lids. Designed for the user that wants a universal hard cover with impressive security, visual aesthetics, load-carrying capability at a cost-effective price. 

HSP Ute Lids are made in Melbourne to in an ISO9001 compliant facility which is the gold standard in manufacturing.