Moss Axe Wedge - 2 Pack

SKU: TW103
Moss Axe Wedge

Moss Axe Wedge - 2 Pack

SKU: TW103
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Moss Axe Wedges are used when repairing and replacing damaged handles on hammers. Moss’s axe wedge provides a secure and safe attachment of a head to the handle. Ideal for handyman and builders. Moss Axe Wedges offer high durability and superior performance for both light and heavy cutting jobs. The axe wedges are die cast under extreme pressure, which results in a very uniform material cross section void of internal defects, therefore creating a very consistent product with regard to finish and strength. Packaged as a single unit. Moss wedges have been consistently used in the repair of damaged wooden hammer handles for the past 50 years.

Product Specifics:

  • Use in the repair of damaged axe handles.
  • Height: 43mm
  • Width: 5mm x 47mm
  • Die cast from zinc alloy.
  • Zinc plated anti corrosion finish.
  • Moss No.: Q11