Holden TF Rodeo Dual Cab 1988-1996 Rope Tonneau Cover

Holden TF Rodeo Dual Cab 1988-1996 Rope Tonneau Cover - SupplyWorks

Holden TF Rodeo Dual Cab 1988-1996 Rope Tonneau Cover

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Holden TF Rodeo Dual Cab 1988-1996 Rope Tonneau Cover
Holden TF Rodeo Dual Cab 1988-1996 Rope Tonneau Cover
Regular price $279.95
Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout.

The ultimate Rope Tonneau Cover that works as hard as you and your ute.

This cover is made to fit your TF Rodeo Dual Cab, a trustworthy, reliable ute in itself. It will keep working for years, just like this tonneau cover.

Let’s get straight to the point, this is the leading Tonneau Cover on the market manufactured in Melbourne by Tuff Tonneaus. They’ve been at their game multiple decades, so they’ve got the best expertise when it comes to making soft tonneaus.

With premium design and features, this cover will deliver the best performance and durability for your ute job after job, year after year. That’s why it’s backed with a five year warranty.

The bunji tonneau cover is made from long lasting vinyl with a soft felt underside to protect your paint work from scratches. The bunji loops are durable, easy to use and super secure.

Tonneau covers are a great choice for keeping weather out, your equipment in, reducing theft, reducing noise and improving fuel consumption.

Why you’ll love this cover:

  • Trusted by thousands of customers including heavy industries like mining, trades, adventure or weekends with the kids
  • Built to handle heavy rain without leaking
  • It’s made from a specialty vinyl that stops ripping when exposed to sharp objects and force
  • It’s built for the Aussie sun, with U.V resistant fibres keeping it functioning without drying and splitting
  • It’s laser cut to precisely fit your ute meaning you can install and use without breaking a sweat
  • It will save you fuel by improving the aerodynamics of your ute
  • The super soft underside of the tonneau cover will protect your paint from being scratched and worn down
  • Being made in Melbourne you’ll be supporting in local jobs and business

Here’s what Ray who bought a Bunji Tonneau Cover had to say:

“Awesome, the tonneau cover fitted to perfection very pleased with all of the outcomes”

DIY Friendly Install

This is a DIY friendly installation so you’ll have more of your weekend to enjoy the finer things. Every kit includes all of the parts required for installing your tonneau cover. Your tonneau kit will include: a tonneau cover, a specific support bar, support bar brackets, aluminium channel for behind the window, rivets, tonneau buttons and fitting instructions.

The instructions are well detailed so you’ll have no trouble. Not like the Swedish furniture brand, ours have text, pictures, measurements and more. Here’s a sample of our tonneau installation instructions. Generally, this installation will take you an hour, depending on what hardware you have on your ute already. You may need some tools depending on existing hardware: Drill, 4mm Drill Bit, Rivet Gun, Marking Pencil / Pen.

Tonneau Cover Installation Instructions

All Locked Up

Another great feature of this Tonneau Cover is the locking system that will help keep your cover attached to your ute, and not leaving in the hands of a thief. You will get a lock and hook to attach to your ute so it’s secure. Whilst it’s not completely safe from thieves, it will slow them down and require bolt cutters to get through.

5 Year Warranty

This tonneau is industry leading, so it’s backed by the longest warranty on the market. You can sleep easy knowing your ute cover can be replaced if something goes wrong. What does your warranty cover you for? You’ll get five years protection against manufacturing and material faults under normal use.